Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Biggus and I beat the dead horse of media bias

Biggus: Okay, you can test your theory on Rupert Murdock controlling Fox News' content. He wants to put more global warming shit on his networks, so if the news channel starts doing hysterical global warming stories there's your proof.

me: I don't think Rupert "controls" fox news. I think he gave Roger Ailes (Fox News Chief and former Reagan aide) his marching orders and he figures it out
Sent at 4:31 PM on Wednesday

Biggus: Isn't that "controlling"?

5:59 PM me: I think Murdoch has set instructions to what the general editorial tone is, and probably has the right to call down to the newsroom like a baseball owner would call the dugout, but I don't view him as some micromanaging puppet master
6:00 PM I have no problem with Fox News being conservative, and he was a consumate business man in knowing that there was an untapped market that he exploited. I have a problem with them declaring that they are some kind of middle of the road organization.

6:01 PM Biggus: And yet you refuse to see the rather obvious bias of other networks.

me: to say both FNC and CNN are both biased, is like saying both Trevor and Andy Dick are gay
6:02 PM it's a matter of how much

Biggus: So wait, you admit there is a bias? I guess that's a start.

6:03 PM me: there is as much bias at CNN as the average person has. Fox News is a virulently partisan outfit.
6:04 PM To say that a company that employs Glen Beck is Liberal is laughable
and Nancy Grace

Biggus: Riiight. Editorial shows are exactly like news.
6:05 PM Can I use Olberman as proof of everyday bias for MSNBC then?

me: On Fox news Sunday, Brit Hume who is an anchor, is on the opinion panel. There is no such example of Wolf Blitzer, or Paula Zahn being part of a panel giving their personal opinions

6:06 PM Biggus: Hmm. I would wager there is an anchor, somewhere, on a panel show.
6:07 PM And even if there isn't, are we unclear on the political leaning of pretty much every major anchor?

6:08 PM me: Brian Williams doing a few too many remotes from NOLA is about as close as I can come to knowing. Couric is a face, and I don't watch ABC

Biggus: Of course, anchors don't really write anything, so it's really a non-issue in their cases beyond general story ideas.

6:09 PM me: I will say MSNBC's use of Olberman to anchor the debate coverage was inappropriate

6:10 PM Biggus: I don't really give a shit. I just want mainstream news people (which Olberman is most definitely not, just so you don't call me out) to stop pretending there is no bias. And the fair and balanced Fox tag is dumb too. Which I've told you many, many times.

6:11 PM me: I don't really know how we fell into that argument, but it was probably my fault

6:12 PM Biggus: Technically I spurred it by pointing out that there was a very obvious test for your Murdock Influence Theory.
6:13 PM Fox is the only network that doesn't indulge in histrionics about global warming. If that changes, there's unassailable proof that Murdock essentially dictates coverage.

me: I've never thought I made Murdoch out to be a boogie man. He was my favorite member of the A-Team

Biggus: Is it spelled with an 'H'?

6:14 PM me: not the same guy?