Monday, May 28, 2007

High pressure candle sales

I want to know when the Yankee Candle Company turned into Glenngary Glennross sales team of the month. The person that I share this floor with decided to leave some fast food out to long so I figured a candle would be a prudent investment. I went there for a candle, and decided on a flavor that was sufficiently manly. I'm suddenly face to face with one of these shiny happy people advising me that, "you can get the next size up, it's only three dollars more." I said I was good, and she moved on to the car bobbers. "Great holy ghost I'll take the damn bobber just let me leave!" Then as she is ringing me up, her associate approached. I guess she did not hear the conversation I had just had with her coworker, which is understandable in a four foot by four foot kiosk, so she looked at what I had bought and exclaimed, "you know you can get the next size up for just three dollars more." I grabbed my extraordinarily elaborate bag of scented things and rushed out of there with a passion, knocking over several sales displays of mango votives in the process.

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