Sunday, May 13, 2007

On Democrat Recalcitrance and the third way

In the fall of 2006 we followed the rise of the new Democrats and the fall of the Republican "revolution" after years of constant rule. The Republicans that had come to Washington with pitchforks and wild eyes looking to bring order to the corrupt chaos, had themselves become a fat class of corrupt lobbyist sycophants. The Democrats used the imprisonment of Randell Cunningham and the resignation of Bob Ney to paint the Republicans as rotten to the core with corruption. They proposed a series of changes that would clean up the Congress and make lawmaking a transparent process. Yet we still do not have a lobbying reform bill and, according to The Guardian Unlimited Online, Democrats seem to be dragging their feet on cleaning up the brothel the inherited. I was told that because of my personal leanings, I would have a hard time criticizing Democrats the way I was vicious with the corrupt Republicans of the 109th Congress. But this much is clear, if the Democrats blow the save on this one the risk unleashing a third front in American politics. There are some public figures that are all toying with this, and they could make a potent force if they joined together. A mix of Chuck Hagel, Michael Bloomburg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Lieberman, and Harold Ford Jr. All are able to speak to the American People, and are not really welcome in their respective parties. In Israel Ariel Sharon was able to do it with Kadima when Likud and Labour would not keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. It could be headed by Hagel, or even a governor like Charlie Crist of Florida. This combined with the fact that those identifying themselves as Independent is higher than in any other time. All somebody has to do is just go and take these voters. They are not in love with the Democrats and the Republicans have shown what a fucking bang-up job they are capable of. They are there, and if the Democrats do not take this corruption issue seriously they will just put another brink in the damn wall.

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