Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Players are in Town

We are going to take this opportunity to thrill you with a torrid discussion of Golf. In this part of the world golf is a sport played almost everywhere by every strata of culture. This place in Florida is also the home of The Players Championship. The world generally considers that there are four major golf tournaments. The Masters, The United States Open, The Open Championship(British Open) and the PGA Championship are the grand slam of golf. Many have often called The Players, the fifth major championship. Yet it does not rise to the level of the previously mentioned titles. But look at the facts. It has the largest purse on the tour ($9 million), FedEx Cup points worth as much as the four majors, a legendary hole known across the golfing world (the 17th island green) 80 of the top 100 rated golfers in the world, and now a prime place five weeks after the Masters, and five weeks before the U.S. Open. But who would make the decision as to The Players being officially considered a major championship? The PGA Tour? A joint declaration by the heads of the four major tournament organizations; the PGA of America, The United States Golf Association, Augusta National, and the British? And what if that did happen? There would be repercussions across the record books. Some golfers that retired without a major title would suddenly be major winners. The amount of majors that Jack Nicholas has would increase and put the record further out of Tiger Wood's reach. Tiger has won one Players though. But he would no longer hold the distiction of holding all the major titles at once, because he did not win a Players during that stretch. In any case there is no arguing with the stature that the tournament has.

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