Friday, May 11, 2007

Collective ADD

I'm sometimes afraid that American politics is suffering from our collective Attention Deficit Disorder. Our culture is in serious need of at least the 10 mg of Ritalin that I take to stay on the level. Both Democrats and Republicans operate as if the general public cannot remember past four minutes ago. Republicans almost stormed the steps of the White House in the late nineties with pitch forks (in case there was hay to bale) and torches demanding a timetable for withdrawal from the Balkans from the Clinton Administration, but see such actions as treasonous when Democrats do it. Democrats decry Republican scaremongering but told seniors they would starve and die if Republican policies were enacted during the mid-nineties. Republicans go on and on about how we would be enslaved if we were attacked when Democrats are in charge, conveniently forgetting that it was two Democrats that won the two World wars that our Nation has fought. Democrats prattle endlessly about how Republicans want to actively destroy the environment conveniently forgetting that it was Satan himself, Richard M. Nixon that created the Environmental Protection Agency. I did a survey of some of the partisans that I know to get to the bottom of this. Biggus Rickus blamed the Democrats and the Media, and Jolemite blamed the Republicans and the Military Industrial Complex.

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