Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Countdown is complete, now comes the ratings

With our presentation of all of our top ten comics, we would like to present final ranking of the members.

10. Ron White
9. Brian Posehn
8. Patton Oswalt
7. Mitch Hedberg
6. Chris Rock
5. Dave Attell
4. Dave Chappell
3. Daniel Tosh
2. Jim Gaffigan
1. Lewis Black

We would also like to present a list of Honorable Mention. These are comics that were difficult to keep out of the list. These include David Cross, Jim Norton, Sarah Silverman, Kathleen Madigan, Steve Martin, Don Rickles, Louis CK, Mitch Fatel, Dennis Miller, Redd Foxx, Joe Rogan, and last but not least, Norm MacDonald.

1 comment:

Joe MacKenzie said...

You forgot Poland... I mean, Richard Pryor.