Monday, May 07, 2007


We here at The Sunshine Empire enjoy media commentary a great deal, and also love to see bias in action. When news came that conservatives where building a new site to counter YouTube due to perceived liberal bias, we decided to investigate. Our site depends heavily on YouTube and feel it is a fantastic addition to the web as a whole. In no other time in our culture have we been able to sit around and talk about that series of commercials about those two English chaps falling in love over cheap coffee circa 1987, and be able to view it withing a matter of moments. But this is serious business and we set to find out.
The search for bias in YouTube started with a search for clips from Fox TV's Family Guy. Who hasn't checked out a clip from Peter, Stewie, and the gang and had a good laugh. But lurking under the surface is a hideous liberal conspiracy that could have our children eating hummus and reading the communist manifesto in no time. Many might have seen the episode where Peter decides that he is going to be a redneck, because redneck culture is supposed to be in since we tolerate NASCAR and Larry the Cable Guy. But tucked into the episode is a 5 minute long segment where Lois argues for socialized medicine, and gay marriage. Not the kind of San Fransisco values I expected from Quahog.
The investigation moved to video blogs and pulled up a series of Lonely Girl clips. This young lady became something of an underground legend according to Hector in accounting who just thinks she's the best. We've fired Hector. But we came across a clip that started out as an innocent rant about how really, really, really, really, really boring her town is. Yet like a car wreck she just hops on her bed and in a threatening manner starts to demand that condoms be passed out in elementary schools, and that stem cell research is the cure to every disease. This was all starting to become clear. We could see that they may have been right. But we wanted to be positive, so we ventured on.
On we went until we came across a video of Ted Kennedy in a sun dress watching Newhart re-runs and we were convinced. YouTube is a liberal organ of the, George Soros, Media Matters, Trilateral Commission conspiracy against the good God fearing people of the real American Heartland. We should have had faith.

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