Thursday, May 31, 2007

On the costs of living in sunshine

In the Sunshine state the Legislature is meeting to decide whether to drastically cut property taxes to ease the burden on homeowners. Now I understand little from the perspective of a homeowner because I have never been one, but this crisis has come about due to a vastly over-inflated housing market that is starting to stagnate. When the values of homes decreases further, the drastic cuts to the funds going to local governments is going to shrink further. If anything they should be passing laws that say no more fuckers can move here.

The legislature has been run by the Republican party for some time now, so I would expect there are no more boondoggles out their that need to be starved of funds. The State of Florida will be the third largest in terms of population in the entire union by 2010. They are not bringing their own roads, they are not providing their own schooling, and they are not policing themselves. I understand that it may be an expensive prospect to live in Florida, but that should be the deal. If you can't pay the club fee, go move to Arkansas. I have been pleased with most of what Governor Crist has done in his short time in office. But you cannot run the third largest state on bubble gum and strong resolve. Good luck cleaning up after a hurricane without all the cops the 67 counties will have to fire. But cheer up, it's sunny.

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Biggus Rickus said...

What does the state cutting property taxes have to do with the coffers of counties and municipalities?